Mexico Libertad Series Silver Coins

Mexico Libertad Series Silver Coins

Libertad one ounce Mexico Silver Coin

mexico-silver-libertad-coins-group-2The Libertad (Liberty) series is offered for?sale along with? other medals and commemorative coins in the online store of the Mexico Mint? (Casa de Moneda de Mexico) in various sizes including five ounce, two ounce, one ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1/20th ounce sizes.

The official silver bullion coin of Mexico is the Silver Mexican Libertad. Silver Mexican Libertads are minted in .999 fine silver, comparable to the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and Chinese Silver Panda.

Mexico Mint
Casa de Moneda de Mexico

Paseo de la Reforma 295,?Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.?CP 06500
Telephone: (55) 50809850
Citizen service: 01 800 3666332 ?


Mexico 25 Peso Olympic

Commemorative issue,?19th Summer Olympics, Mexico 1968

Obverse:?Coat of arms. With legend at top. Value (25 pesos)? at left, fineness and mint mark at right..

25 PESOS –?LEY? –?0.720? –?Mo
Translation:??United States of Mexico
25 Pesos –?0.720 silver –?Mexico City Mint

Reverse:??Pelota player with court on background. With legend all around and Olympic rings at bottom.
Translation:?19th Olympic games Mexico 1968

Edge:?Smooth with lettering.?Lettering:?INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD
Translation:?Independence and Freedom

Mexico Un Peso Silver Coin

Mexico Un Peso Silver Coin

These Mexican 1 Peso silver coins contain 72% pure silver and have an actual silver weight of 0.3856 troy ounces!

Hidalgo Diez Pesos 1955-56 Mexico

Hidalgo Diez Pesos 1955 – 1956 Mexico

1955-1956-? Mexico Silver 10 Pesos Hidalgo XF-AU (ASW 0.8357 oz)

Obverse:?Lettering:??· DIEZ PESOS ·
28.888 G·1956·LEY 900

Reverse:? Lettering:
Weight?28.888?g? –??Diameter?40?mm

Cuauhtemoc Cinco Pesos Mexico Coins

Cuauhtemoc Cinco Pesos Mexico Coins

One of the most popular vintage Mexican coin designs, this 2-year-type coin features a stylized depiction of the last Aztec emperor, giving a distinctly Mesoamerican appearance to this crown-sized Silver coin.

Silver content Gramos Ley 0.900

1947-1948 Mexico Silver 5 Pesos Cuauhtemoc
XF-AU (ASW 0.8681 oz)

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains .8681 oz actual Silver weight, as 30 grams of .900 fine.
  • Large 40 mm diameter coin, roughly the size of an American Silver Eagle.
  • Coins sold in this listing will show minimal wear, but will retain full or nearly-full detail.
  • Obverse: National coat of arms of Mexico, depicting a triumphant golden eagle perched atop a cactus, with a snake clenched in its beak.
  • Reverse: Bust of Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor, wearing an elaborate Aztec-style headdress.
  • Produced by the Bank of Mexico from 1947-1948.